mariano sardón

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"Writing Room" at "Viariations about the Invisible" Exhibition.
Telefónica Foundation Chile. Santiago de Chile. 2011.

Staging / Team / Traffic Visualizations

"Writing Room" at "Telefonias" Exhibition.
Telefónica Foundation Argentina. Buenos Aires. 2008.

About the Exhibition / Curator interview / Artist Interview / About Data processing / Text by Rodrigo Alonso / Text by Alejandro Picitelli / Texto by Mariano Sardón and Victoria Messi / Telecom Office
Data Center CRESTA / Traffic Visualizations / Team

Writing Room is an installation in which the words written by people with typewriters are ordered in different forms in a projection according to the telecommunication traffic of the area in that moment.
The telecom office processes callings in all geographical directions. Some orientations are relevant depending on the hour and day. So when some participant writes words in the typewriters telecomm traffic blows them in different directions.
It generates different phrases and meanings depending on what the people type in the machines and the involuntary action of thousands of people calling in the area.

Four typewriter machines, projectors, cuadrophonic audio system, computers, electronic circuitry, sensors and microphones. Telecom office data network by EOC connectivity. FTP Server. Software: Visual Basic, Max/MSP and processing.